Claudia is a certified NLP practitioner, registered with ANLP and currently studying on her Master Practitioner.

As Triathlon and Performance Coach she is running AR Endurance Sports with her partner in running crime and coaching James Poole. Offering bespoke physical and mental training programmes including workshops for endurance sports. To continue to learn and expand her experience in personal and business coaching she works as assistant NLP coach at Whatever Life Throws.




Claudia brings a pragmatic and motivational style to her coaching. Open and approachable, she allows her clients and athletes to explore strengths and passions as well as embrace weaknesses or overcome anxieties. On their way to discover what will make the difference for them. One size doesn’t fit all, therefore the creation of bespoke mental toolkits is one of Claudia’s core coaching values.

Her objective as a coach is pulling all things together to optimise performance and getting her clients to their personal finish line faster. Engaged in continuous learning, Claudia supports her NLP coaching with scientific studies both on and off the field, in sports psychology, physical skills, leadership techniques and analyses other coaching methods to work from different perspectives.

Claudia’s Coaching Approach

  • holistic
  • pragmatic
  • passionate
  • motivational
  • educational
  • result focussed & forward orientated
  • flexible through 121 coaching, workshops and coaching packages



Andy Cartmell – Head Coach at Whatever Life Throws

‘Claudia, graduate NLP Practitioner, has assisted on our latest ANLP Accredited Programme. She has an elegant and eloquent grasp and application of NLP that brings the technology to life and has made a real difference to those she has coached. Her particular interest in sports psychology further enhances her application of NLP by tailoring it to her sports training clients. Claudia is a gifted practitioner of NLP who shares her time and experience generously with everyone (including students on our current programme as an assistant). I would eagerly and whole heartedly recommend Claudia as a Practitioner of NLP.’



Rachel B. – Respiratory Physiologist and avid ultra runner

I can not recommend coach Claudia’s “Brain Training” enough… Like an athletics track workout but for thinking!


Neil C. – Personal Trainer and Founder at BODY ACTIVE PT

Claudia does a great job as coach by simply putting her methods into practice. Numerous times for herself modelling the techniques but she has also been a great help for everyone in the triathlon team. Plus she backs it up with professional qualifications.


Victoria W. – Club swimmer

As a strong pool swimmer and someone who loves being around water, you would not expect to ever find yourself needing to overcome the fear of open water. From the cold to the unknown of open water I found it physically and mentally stressful adapting from the pool, not to mention how frustrating it was that I could not swim the same under these conditions.

Before my first open water triathlon, I had been to ‘The Serpentine’ a few times, getting used to swimming in a wetsuit, in the open water. Each time I found the cold tough and hard to keep my face in the water for the first 400m, but got used to it after a while and managed to swim alright after this.

On race day I managed to get into the water, the day was horrible grey and rainy, the water was cold and loads of weeds all around the lake. I swam about 50m could not breathe, the water had gotten colder as I moved, the unknown of what was around me was a strange feeling, I could not see my hands in front of me as I swam. I had to stop, paddled over to a canoe to catch my breath, trying to adjust to the cold and environment. I tried to swim a few more times, face in the water was not going to happen, I converted to breaststroke just to get through this swim.

Claudia and I spent time talking about all the things that could have triggered the fear and panic in the open water. We went to ‘The Serpentine’ together a couple of times practicing techniques of getting into the water, preparing before swimming, keeping the mind clear and focusing on swimming technique or counting. From trying these different techniques, I found what ones worked for me and helped me best. From this I entered one last open water triathlon of the season and achieved a really good swim, managed to overcome the panic as I could feel it in the pit of my stomach. Thanks to Claudia’s support, motivation and mental training, I got fast results and some amazing skills that I can put to into practice for this coming season.


Barbara B. – Director, Sports Therapist & Head Coach at EnergyLab BTS

I have been thoroughly impressed by Claudia’s grasp of the various techniques used in NLP. She has not only an innate ability to empathise with a person, she is also very talented at applying her knowledge and at adapting techniques quickly as a person progresses throughout a session. She is an incredible observer; amazing to watch when she is working both as a triathlon coach as well as a NLP practitioner.

Her biggest success so far has been to allow one of our very talented athletes and club swimmers to tackle swimming in open water. The athlete was overwhelmed by a panic attack, once she set foot into the cold and dark lake. After the work with Claudia the athlete has successfully completed a 1.5km open water swim race this summer [2012], exiting the water in a top ten position.

I am excited and proud to be working with such a talented and driven coach like Claudia, she is a key member of our coaching team as well as a great athlete herself and I cannot wait to see what she will be able to do for people in future.


The difference between performing at your best and
struggling to perform is a strong mindset.

The bespoke sports coaching caters for anyone looking to improve their sports performance in training and competition, regardless of your level of experience or field of practise.

If you are eager to pick up exercise to promote a healthier lifestyle or want to break your personal best, a cognitive training regime will ensure you adapt the right strategies for effective and effortless performance at any given time or situation.

Win in the mind and become your own internal coach.

  • Mental Toughness for Training & Competition
  • Goal Setting & Planning
  • Time Management
  • Motivation & Momentum
  • Competition Performance
  • Enter the ‘Zone’
  • Mental Rehearsal
  • Visualisation Techniques
  • Master the Art of Focus
  • Confidence & Self-worth
  • Performance Issues & Pressure
  • Overcome Anxieties
    & Panic Attacks
  • Fear of open water swimming
  • Bounce back from Setbacks
  • Health & Well-being
  • Eating Disorders
  • Breaking Habits
  • Establishing new Habits
  • Addiction

An Introduction into Sports Psychology

Sports Psychology is commonly defined as practice of physiological concepts and techniques, understanding the mental and emotional aspects of physical performance. Theoretical as well as applied science focusing on exercise effectiveness.

There are four elements that influence your sporting performance: your level of physical fitness along tactical, technical and mental skills.

Through a bespoke mental training plan which ties in closely with your training regime and personality, you will be able to achieve the success you are longing for. Bespoke strategies reveal your athletic personality and reflect you being part of a holistic system including life, work, family, training, nutrition, etc.

Understanding the link between mind and body as well as uncovering the boundaries of self set limitations will play a fundamental role in the sessions. You will be guided through exercises and shown practical strategies and tools, for you to become able to repeat and anchor on and off your playground – anytime.

Mental training is experienced as learning a new skill, a trait most athletes are familiar with. A mental training routine can be as short as 2 minutes prior to your physical training or race.

Every keen sportsperson pushes hard and has the ability to become stronger and more resistant physically. Your advantage is going to be ahead of your competition by knowing how to perform best at the right time and stay calm and confident when it is most significant.


How to become your own internal coach?
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‘What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.’ — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Do you feel yourself getting caught up in thoughts and feelings about past events, decisions made and the uncertainty the future can behold? And having all those dreams but no strategies to turn them into real objectives?

Or do you see yourself traveling through life in a fast forward spin, unable to find the pause button to assess who you truly are and what you truly want out of this life? Stop struggling.

Learn how to focus on the things that really matter to truly become the person you are. 

  • Confidence & Self-worth
  • Goal Setting Techniques
  • Motivation Skills
  • Healthy Lifestyle & Well-being
  • Eating Disorders
  • Stress Management
  • Pain Management
  • Change Management
  • Instant Phobia Cure
  • Breaking Habits
  • Establishing new Habits
  • Evaluation Skills
  • State Management
  • Anger Management
  • Overcoming Grief & Loss
  • Depression Belief Changer
  • Change Perception
  • Personal Breakthrough

Personal development is a process, a path. A journey of achieving and expanding your full potential.

Dreams & Goals

Dream big and turn your dreams into goals. Gain motivation and increase energy levels to take the first step. Unleash your potential and play to your strengths. Learn, experience, challenge and expand the way you feel, see, hear and interact to change your perception and therefor your behaviour. Move yourself from daunting to doable with your personalised performance showreel.

Trauma & Anxieties

Develop powerful techniques to control triggers of anxieties and panic attacks. Get a chance to face your fears in a safe coaching environment to be able to let go and move one. Experience the power of resources and anchoring into states.

Personal Breakthrough

Longing for a personal breakthrough this year? Ditch that habit for once and all? Stick to your goals all year long? Decide which path to pursue? Want to master distraction to focus on things that matter most? There is plenty to achieve. If you feel you want to.


Make 2015 your best year to date.
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Turn a vision into reality. As an effective leader learn to coach people and kickstart growth of talent.

Develop an effective leadership style that serves both individual and organisational needs to promote value alignment. Create a thriving business culture by recognising talents and encouraging individual growth.

Form strategies to focus on objectives as team leader or manager yet attain when to lead, manage or coach with great people skills. Facilitate powerful presentations and elicit confidence for B2B or B2C negotiations.

Lead with excellence and inspire others to achieve results.

  • Career Development
  • Professional Success
  • Leadership Skills
  • Goal Setting for Projects & Team Objectives
  • Rapport Building
  • Presentation Skills
  • Creativity Skills
  • Team Motivation & Engagement
  • Effective Workflow Management
  • Empowerment
  • Evaluation Skills
  • Feedback
  • Performance Pressure
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Assertiveness


Peak Performance Coaching

Claudia Schroegel NLP coaching offers business development coaching for the individual team leader, manager or business owner who wants to enhance his/ her leadership skills and the way he/ she interacts with clients or customers.


The Peak Performance Triangle© (PPT) is one of the tools developed by Claudia Schroegel.


Master the Art of Focus

When works gets demanding it is essential to focus and master distractions. Basic time planning skills and goal setting techniques quickly reach limit of effectiveness, especially when controlling stress levels and emotions in the workplace become an issue.

Negative emotions in the workplace can cloud judgments, behaviours and business relationships as well as effect performance and communication within the orgainisation. Examples and effects of negative emotions may be:

  • Stress & Burn Out
  • Performance Pressure & Worry
  • Feeling Overwhelmed
  • Lack of Confidence (Lack of Skills)
  • Nervousness & Anxieties
  • Anger & Frustration
  • Feeling undervalued
  • Taking things personally

With a NLP coaching session learn how to lower stress levels before presentations and negotiations to truly perform at your best. Set goals effectively and mange multiple projects at any one time throughout the year. Build confidence in your abilities as leader and help others to control emotions and workloads.

Modeling Change

Through the coaching process you will learn to define your self set limitations and experience to get stretched out of your comfort zone. By challenging constructed limitations and modeling resourceful strategies you will create instant change – in perception and behaviour within yourself. Model and lead change through the organisation from intern to founder.

Growth & Value Alignment

Learn Creative Techniques to identify choices and opportunities within projects or company goals. Help your team and employees to grow by understanding internal relationships and communication methods as well as engage with customers or clients. Develop a business space where everyone can explore their strengths, weaknesses and passions for further building key responsibilities based on personalised performance profiles. Formulate organisational values and establish alignment and congruence with personalised performance profiles.


Want to develop a business or increase your peak performance as
a leader? Make a difference to the way you engage with people.
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