Curriculum Vitae


Design is immersive. Design is choice. Design to inspire. Design to share.
Design to make change happen.


Working as Graphic Designer in the industry for over 12 years, Claudia brings along the passion and drive to create customised ideas and outstanding designs for any given brief. Working with Global Brands and Blue Chip Clients as well as small individual businesses, she truly believes in delivering the best work at any given time. A pragmatic and goal driven creative leader, who never loses sight of the brief objectives to maintain a high level of client satisfaction.

Claudia has worked in creative agencies across Germany, with occasional French and Dutch collaborations in the past. Since 2008 she flexes her design muscles in London’s agencies – Corporate, Brand, Retail
and Experiential.

With Claudia you get the can do attitude and a supportive leadership style, driven by efficient directions. German traits shine through – efficiency, work ethos and organisational talent; however she has embraced facets of two worlds by now. A versatile designer, that rolls up her sleeves and thinks on her feet. Above all she likes to encourage fun and lightness in the people she works with.

‘I truly believe, if you enjoy what you are doing and are passionate about your work,
you can create excellence.’

If you are looking for a Freelance Designer to join agency or in-house design projects, are a business owner who wants to accelerate in business communications (advertising, design, events, visualisation, branding, etc) or if you simply want to find out more – get in touch. Claudia caters for high end Artworking as well as Graphic Design related projects with a strong focus on experiential and print design. Not shy of taking on leadership roles, fostering talent in her team.



Unfortunately Claudia is no longer available for permanent roles, since she runs
Triathlon and NLP Coaching Business simultaneously.





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