Who she is and what she does


CS Graphic Design Ltd. is a multidisciplinary independent Graphic Design Studio evolving around Founder Claudia Schroegel. With a passion for Iconography, Data Visualisation and Brand Development she has helped many brands to engage on a experience let level. One of her expertise is Colour Psychology and Colour Application in Design and Communication. Chromamagnitude is where she blogs.

A soft spot for Architecture and Interior Design often lets her love for Simplicity bloom.

‘Simplicity in design requires attention to detail. And passion to refine it even more.’


This website showcases a selection of the Studio’s most recent work. If you want to see what else has been worked on in the past, please get in touch.










WINNER Hollis Sponsorship Awards 2012

  • Sponsorship of the year
  • Brand Sponsorship
  • Entertainment & Event Sponsorship

Lacoste Colour DNA

  • Winner for Best Use of In-store / Marketing Week Engage Award 2010
  • Silver in the Fashion category / ISP Award 2010

Sony make.believe at Heathrow T5

  • Gold in category Brand Experience / Marketing Design Award 2010

O2 Music Sponsorship/ customer activation

  • Gold for Best Media at IPA Effectiveness Awards 2010



What she can do for you

With a profound knowledge in all common print processes gained through academic studies and work over the years, Claudia knows her way around raster width, moires, SWOP, Gamut and HSL. Starting out as DTP publisher and retoucher she has been trained in CGI retouching and creative retouching for print. Over the years a variety of global print projects were guided and produced by her and the fantastic teams she has been working with.

She can most definitely hit the ground running which implies effectively overseeing and managing several projects. Since there is no such thing as focussing on more than one task in one moment (neuroscience studies explain), German efficiency can trick you into believing that multi-tasking actually is possible after all. Taking a project from brief to finish, or joining a team to quickly familiarise herself with the objectives, ensures bringing tangible projects to life.

Furthermore is Claudia a certified Coach for Personal and Business Development which involves leadership, mentoring and coaching skills that can benefit workflow processes and team building.

Working for three years in Experiential Marketing has taught her how to create customer and brand engagement with memorable emotional interactions. Ideas that stick.


Her ‘other’ Life

Apart from her love of design, she is a keen ultra runner and triathlete. As qualified Level 2 Triathlon Coach under British Triathlon, her expertise is shared generously with the AR Endurance Sports Collective. AR Collective is a global sports community, sprung out of AdventRunning, which she founded with her partner James Poole in 2014. It’s about making small changes in your daily routine to help promote an active lifestyle. Encourage anyone to explore and share their journey towards their dreams with a likeminded community – online and offline.

As Certified NLP (Neuro–Linguistic Programming) Practitioner Claudia focuses on Personal and Business Development, in particular the endurance sports industry. 121 sessions and group workshops upon request. In 2015 she sets out to raise the bar even higher, to become a NLP Master Practitioner.


Her mantra in life: Work hard, play harder.
#trainworklive #arcollective #raceSMART

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